Dwayne Haskins to the Skins

4/26/2019 9:35:23 AM
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I'd love to get some opinions here on how you think Haskins will do in DC and if you think he'll start right away. Unfortuantely I never got to watch him at Bullis and very little at Ohio State. 

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He will be a great player for them. I think it will be much better if he doesn't start his first year or at least the first 8 games. He is a very smart QB, really highly intelligent, has a very accurate arm and can read defenses. He studies very hard and the money won't get to his head. Hopefully they get some talent around him. They need OL help and some WR help also. 

I may start rooting for the skins again. 

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Did he move to Maryland just to attend Bullis?

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Yes, His sister goes there also now. 

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Haskins is outshining Keenum so far in OTAs.

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