Congrats to St.Johns on a championship season

11/18/2017 4:35:02 PM
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You won with class great job!

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Congrats SJC. Well deserved. Enjoy it, you just won one of the best conferences in the country. DM, GZ, and GC will be very, very good next year. I’m not taking a jab, next year will be as intense as it gets...

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Where's Mr. Dumpster Fire??  No kudos from him/her I'm sure.  Good Job SJC.  You got one finally.  Keep it up.  Great game and props to the GZ nation for a great season. 1st class team and fans.

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He/she is feeding the crickets!

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Nice win by SJC. They were the best this year. Looking forward to next season!

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