Thoughts on Who makes the PG County 3A/2A/1A playoffs?

10/27/2015 4:14:12 PM
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With the powerhouse teams like DeMatha, Gonzaga and the rest, I know very little thought goes into the smaller, public school teams in PG County.  I'd like to see comments on who could take it all in the MD 2A State Championship this year.  The Douglass Eagles won it last year, but are struggling a bit this year.  Potomac defeated Douglass 32 - 30, but Gwynn Park defeated Potomac and held them to 13 points this year.


Any thoughts?

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Vinz Clortho
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Interesting question. It would be good to hear some talk about something other than the WCAC.

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Everyone team competes in the MPSSAA playoffs and when the playoffs start remember the classifications are seperated. So it'll be 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A tournaments no 4A teams will face 2A teams etc. As for the PG Championship before the beginning of the playoffs that will be very interesting because for the 4A Wise has lost several games recently and Roosevelt looks to make the jump into the championship as for the 3A/2A/1A will probably go to Fairmont they beat Potomac in a close one friday and beat Douglass earlier this year. As for the MPSSAA playoffs, the 4A South is wide open although Roosevelt will probably be the top seed they can still be beat by a Wise or Flowers, the 3A for Potomac depends on the schools that will be in their bracket, the 2A Gwynn Park and Friendly will have to battle Southern MD schools, the 1A is where it can get interesting with Fairmont (defending champs) and douglass and as well as largo and central who both can upset.

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